Assisting companies with data-driven projects.

Our services

Customer Experience Management
Intelligent CX: Boosting Customer Loyalty

Building a more intelligent customer experience can result in a stronger bond between the customer and the company. By providing a unified view of customer, it becomes easier to reconnect with them.

Customer Lifetime Management
Effective CLM: Maximizing Growth

Converting customer data into practical knowledge through effective customer lifetime management can enable businesses to meet elevated customer expectations, remain competitive, and achieve profitable growth.

Product and Business Development
Enhance Prod-Biz Dev: Yielding Effective Result

Employing data-driven decision making processes throuout the product development cycle, from conception to release will enhance both product and business development.

Demand and Supply Management
Resilient Supply Chain: Optimizing Supply&Demand

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing  disruption with data-driven approach to inventory and demand management. Achieve a resilient supply chain that puts optimal actions to both supply and demand for your business.

Sales and Channel Management
Smarter Decisions: Improve Sales Performance

Making smarter decisions and improving sales performance with our data analytics approach to sales and channel management. Our insights can help you optimize sales and channels and improve customer engagement for greater business growth.

Mobile App Analytics
Mobile Specific Analytics : Generate Greater Revenue

Increasing your mobile app revenue with our data-driven mobile-specific analytics. Our insights can help you  understand user behavior, optimize app performance, and enhance user engagement

About Us

We are a boutique consulting company established in the Philippines. We provide global and local companies with reporting, database development, and analytics services on a project scope basis.

Our team is mainly based in the Philippines and services customer worldwide. We tailor our solution to your specific need and will provide valuable insights to make better strategic decisions.

What We Do

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The driving force of the company is the observation that data analytics programs get slowed down in internal technical conversation and execution delays. 

Our approach focuses on quickly proving business value in a cost effective manner. We achieve this by  combining open-sourced cloud-based analytical solutions/advance data science techniques and strong program management. This helps you to quickly analyze and monetize the data and the information that you have access to.n 

We go beyond providing only a statistical model but support you with the full execution of your analytics programs. We tailor our solutions to your specific requirements such us security and privacy regulations.