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We help you improve your strategies and processes through data and analytics-driven decision making.

Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics

Today’s management decisions are taken in a very complex and fast-moving environment. A typical telecom service provider has a huge amount of current and historical data about its network, its customers, its products, and its channels. More recently, the proliferation of internet data combined with low cost high capacity analytical environments has made it possible to add clickstream, machine-to-machine and social media data and obtain a much more accurate customer picture. To come up with fact-based accurate decisions, telecom service providers have to quickly integrate, filter and analyse this augmented pool of data to find the nuggets of insights that will give them the competitive edge.

Data-Driven Business Program

Just staying in the descriptive world and producing reports from that data is not sufficient. The sheer volume of data and the analytical tools provide a unique opportunity to be predictive with customer behavior (“what they are likely to do”) and prescriptive with the business processes (“how to leverage the insights from analytics”). Without the execution step, analytics essentially becomes an intellectual exercise with no impact on the bottom line.

Typical Projects and Programs We can Help you Address:

Customer Lifetime Management

Effective customer lifetime management creates powerful customer interactions that boost business growth and profitability. We help organizations:

  • Define a clear customer acquisition/retention startegy. All businesses need to strike a balance between acquisition and retention efforts to maximize revenues and customer value.
  • Optimize loyalty programs. Successful loyalty programs rely on frequent analytics-based fine-tuning to maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Define/Target different market segments. Based on available data, we help clients identify consumer groups with similar needs and create marketing strategies to address these.
Typical benefits can be 50+% higher campaign response rates given the right segmentation and models

Customer Experience Management

Great experiences at every point of the customer journey can increase revenues, reduce costs, strengthen customer loyalty, and boost employee engagement. By combining customer feedback with customer data, we help clients evaluate customer experiences across all channels, identify pain points, and design journeys to improve satisfaction and positively impact business operations.

Typical benefits in this space can be 30+% reduction in churn

Demand and Supply Management

Marketing demand forecasts are essential to efficiently allocate business resources. We closely work with clients in building a market-based demand forecasts and use it to develop the network strategy and allocate network resources, implement pricing strategies (such as yield management) and guide the distribution strategy. 

Typical benefits can include 20+% in cost savings

Product and Business Development

We help design, create, and market new products or services, in conjunction with the general market profile, the client’s target market and the competitors’ positioning. This opens up new opportunities and revenue streams for our clients.


Sales and Channel Management

The distribution strategy improves interactions with customers and drives efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain. We utilize data to help clients create and implement an optimal sales/channel strategy, from key accounts management to online sales and third party channel partners.

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